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Name: Duck
Est. birthdate: 04/30/2017
Sex: Male
Weight: 10 lbs.
Color: White

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Looking at Duck, a lamb who was born without his front legs, you probably wouldn’t think he was lucky. But his disability may have saved his life. You see, Duck was born on a farm that raises lambs for meat.

The farmer’s wife — a woman filled with compassion — took Duck under her wing and nursed him with a bottle every couple of hours around the clock until she was able to get him into Brother Wolf’s care.


As it turns out, she was no stranger to the challenges of adversity. Her son was diagnosed with acute mercury poisoning as a child, and now at 21-years old functions at a first grade level. She has spent her life fighting for his right to live a full and happy life. When she saw Duck’s condition, she knew he deserved the same.

We agreed! We took Duck into our care and will do everything in our power to make sure get gets to live a life of love and freedom. He’ll be living in one of our experienced foster homes until he gets weaned, then he’ll have a special spot at our Animal Sanctuary.


We hope you’ll follow along with us on Duck’s journey. If you feel a connection to this sweet boy, please consider sponsoring him. Your sponsorship of just $10/month or more will help us buy him a cart (which will help him move around and play more easily), build him a lamb-friendly spot at the Sanctuary, and provide him with the excellent care he deserves.

Timeline Update

Date: 05-19-2017


Duck was taken under Brother Wolf’s wing just a week ago, and already we’ve seen him make great progress. According to his foster mom, he’s eating well and lets her know when he’s hungry by calling out to her for the bottle. He spends most of his time outdoors, where he loves to lay in the sun and nibble grass. He even manages to get around pretty good by himself. His foster mom says “He can pick himself up and walk a couple steps at a time if he gets impatient waiting for me.”

Though Duck is learning to be more mobile on his two back feet, it’s not a long term solution. As he grows and becomes heavier, the weight will become painful and dangerous. To help Duck continue on his journey of mobile independence, we’re ordering him a set of wheels that’ll act as his front legs. Animal wheelchairs aren’t cheap! The one best suited for Duck will cost $475 and will need to be upgraded at least once more as he grows.

Please consider sponsoring Duck with a monthly donation of $10 or more. With your help, this sweet boy can keep leading a normal and happy life, without ever fully realizing the challenges he’s been dealt.

Date: 06-16-2017


With the help of a generous donor, Duck has a set of new wheels! His muscles tightened a bit over the past two months while he wasn’t able to walk comfortably on his back legs, so the wheelchair didn’t give him the instant mobility we were hoping for. Luckily, he is being co-parented by two amazing foster moms who are working with him every day to massage his muscles, strengthen his legs, and teach him to propel the cart forward with them. Slowly but surely, he is getting stronger and learning to use new muscles. We’re so excited to watch this little guy grow and learn the skills he needs to live his best life!

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