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Name: Coco
Est. birthdate: 12/07/2009
Sex: Female
Weight: 10 lbs.
Color: White with Brown Tabby Markings

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Sweet Coco is ear tipped (has a small part of the top of her ear taken off), so likely was part of a managed feral colony at one time (cats in managed colonies have their ears tipped to show that they have been spayed or neutered). Some folks on Facebook posted about a “pregnant cat about to pop,” so Brother Wolf followed up. It turns out Coco was not pregnant after all, just a bit round, and in fact had already been spayed.

When checking her out, the staff realized there was something that little Coco was struggling with. Coco was diagnosed with a lesion on her spine, likely a result of mistreatment or other injury. This makes it difficult for her to urinate and unable to defecate without help. She does use the litter box on her own sometimes, but needs regular assistance with eliminating her bodily waste. It’s a lot easier than it sounds and Coco is used to it by now. This is just the sort of condition that might have deemed Coco unadoptable, a death sentence in many traditional shelters. Jackie Teeple, Brother Wolf’s Marketing Director, fosters Coco. Jackie has been fostering animals for Brother Wolf since 2009. “There’s always another one that needs you after you give one up,” she says of the fostering experience. Foster care providers like Jackie help buy time for special needs animals such as Coco, who often need extra time to find their forever homes. “There’s no reason she can’t be adopted and live a long, happy life,” says Jackie. “She needs someone to keep up with her medications and treatments, and to help her with pottying. It’s easy and she takes it really well. There’s lots of support for people who have cats with this injury. It’s not a quality of life issue, it’s a convenience issue,” she says.

Coco’s medical condition will be lifelong, but with proper care she can have a long, happy life. “She’s super friendly,” says Jackie. “She will roll over and let me rub her belly. She was probably mistreated at a young age, and has had to fend for herself. She’s been through it all, and is still incredibly trusting – she just wants to be loved,” says Jackie.

A traditional shelter might have given up on Coco, thinking no one would want her, but Brother Wolf goes the extra mile for animals with special needs who need a higher level of care and attention in order to be adopted. This little girl continues to blossom with Jackie’s loving care. We’re confident that the right person for Coco is out there somewhere! Thanks to our Sponsorship Program members, Coco and animals who need extra time, care and attention get everything they need to be happy and healthy.

Timeline Update

Date: 04-07-2016

Coco has left the building!


Though sweet, friendly, and not in any pain, Brother Wolf staff thought Coco’s chances for adoption were pretty slim due to her medical condition. But we didn’t give up on this adorable little cat while her joy in life was so apparent. While in foster care, she received dietary supplements and acupuncture for nerve stimulation. Finally Coco improved to the point that she was able to try her luck at our Adoption Center. And wouldn’t you know it… Jessica Bentley and her boyfriend visited us on Jessica’s birthday, and fell in love! Bypassing the cute kittens and trouble-free young cats, Jessica chose Coco as her new companion. From the bottom of our hearts: thank you Jessica, and happy Gotcha Day, sweet Coco!

Date: 03-08-2016

Therapies for healing.


Coco’s foster care provider, Jackie Teeple, tells us that Coco recently received some cold laser therapy and acupuncture. “Coco met with Dr. Beth Hampton Jones, DVM, an Asheville native who has spent over 10 years integrating Chinese and Western medicine to provide holistic pain relief and healing,” says Jackie. “At her visit with Dr. Beth, Coco received cold laser therapy and acupuncture along the back and base of her tail, with the hope of stimulating healing. While Coco’s injury is too old to be repaired, Dr. Beth hoped to increase nerve activity. Aside from occasionally chewing on the tempting wires, Coco was perfectly calm and receptive to treatment and loved Dr. Beth’s gentle care.” Jackie says that Dr. Beth also administered an enema to Coco, and in the week following her treatment, this sweet kitty seemed more active and was able to potty with more ease. Brother Wolf hopes to make these acupuncture treatments for Coco a more regular thing, if finances permit. That’s why our Compassionate Circle sponsors are so important; they assure that animals who need some extra help get exceptional care so they have the happiest, healthiest lives they can.