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Name: India
Est. birthdate: 05/27/2010
Sex: Female
Weight: 60 lbs
Color: Brindle and White

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Ready to Be Someone’s Princess

Sweet India sadly lived the first four years of her life tied to a tree. She was transferred from the Buncombe County Animal Shelter to Brother Wolf in 2014. Since India was given very little attention before coming to Brother Wolf, she is a bit timid about new situations and afraid of thunderstorms and loud noises. She has had seizures on occasion, but these are now well controlled with medication and are not frequent or severe.

India is a favorite among Brother Wolf staff and volunteers. She loves to walk, play, and go for car rides – but more than anything, she loves to cuddle with her favorite humans. India is sweet and affectionate, and has lots of energy. She was the Belle of the Ball at Brother Wolf’s Drag Queen Bingo fundraiser, sporting a stylish neck ruffle and confidently walking the runway as supporters and fans tucked dollar bills into her harness. India loves and craves human attention. She’s not so sure about other dogs or cats, but she likes puppies very much. Not surprisingly, considering her history, India can sometimes be possessive about her toys and food. She would be the ideal loving addition to an active adult home with no other pets. She does well with older kids, and likes to take the lead on walks and hikes.

Marquita Moore is a member of India’s care team and works on her social media presence. She has created Facebook and Instagram pages to help find a home for India. “She’s super great at the park and in the car,” says Marquita.

Patrice (“PJ”) Johnson is another volunteer who works closely with India, writing about her and visiting with her regularly at the adoption center. “She’s as sweet as can be,” says PJ. “She loves to be outdoors, really thrives on attention, and loves to snuggle.” PJ finds fulfillment in her work with India. “It’s wonderful to be part of the enrichment, and to get people to know her. We will be so ecstatic when we find a home for her!” says PJ, who adds, “This is just one of the most wonderful experiences – the more you do, the more you want to do. If I could volunteer full time with Brother Wolf, I would. It’s fun meeting like-minded volunteers. It’s a great community, and so rewarding.”

Lorri Nicholson is a photographer and videographer who volunteers her time with India as well. Lorri has had several rescue dogs herself, and is familiar with the challenges many of them face. She’s enjoyed seeing India become increasingly confident and sociable. “She was so good at Drag Queen Bingo – she has a really good temperament,” says Lorri.

PJ agrees, adding that India “has always been loving and very tolerant – even more so the more interaction she gets. What she needs now is a stable environment and someone to bond with her. Brother Wolf is wonderful in terms of support – they would be there to back up any adopter.”

India’s medication regimen is not difficult or expensive, and when she is able to live in a low-stress home environment where she can get lots of love and attention, it is hoped that the seizures will become even less frequent. Her condition is well managed and now she just needs to find a special person to become her best friend.

India has lots of love to give, and Brother Wolf is determined to provide her with the chance to give it. Your support of the Sponsorship Program can help India and dogs like her overcome their challenges so that they can find loving homes with people who will help them live the rich and fulfilling lives they deserve. Be sure to check this page regularly for updates on our gal India!

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Timeline Update

Date: 06-20-2016

The best birthday ever!


Several of India’s Brother Wolf friends threw her a birthday party at the Antique Tobacco Barn in Asheville on July 18. Brother Wolf volunteers created a festive atmosphere with decorations, party hats and a doggie birthday cake for India and the other pooches that were in attendance and available for adoption. Everyone had a great time, and best of all, India’s not-so-secret birthday wish came true — this sweet girl was finally adopted! India’s new mom, Kelly Vines, heard about India through a friend’s Facebook page. “I fell in love with India immediately, and especially after reading her story, I knew I had to have her,” says Kelly. Due to India’s status as a “special needs” dog, Kelly knew that India would need a home with someone that could be with her most of the time, so she looked for a work-at-home job, and found one. “It all just fell into place,” says Kelly. “As soon as I knew I had the job, I put in my application for her.” Kelly and her boyfriend Wade knew that they wanted an older dog, not a puppy. “We knew she would be the perfect companion for me while I was at home. I have had a pit before and know how loving and loyal they are and knew I wanted another one,” says Kelly. “India is a joy.”


Kelly says that India is adjusting nicely to her new environment, eating well and sleeping through the night in her own bed. “She has tried to sneak in our bed a time or two. We won’t let her in,” says Kelly. “I promised Wade that she would have her own bed. But I am so glad that I have her and that we made the decision to adopt her. She has brought much joy and happiness.”

Kelly hasn’t experienced any difficulty with giving India the medication she needs to prevent seizures. “A little peanut butter and she gobbles it right up,” says Kelly, who previously had a cat that was diabetic and required insulin injections twice a day. “Our fur babies are like our children,” she says. “We don’t give up on them just because they need a little extra attention — we just love them a little more.” Kelly and Wade’s willingness to deal with India’s medical condition made all the difference — now, after a long wait, India finally has the loving forever home that she deserves. Heartfelt congratulations to India and her new family from everyone at Brother Wolf!

Date: 05-17-2016

Out and about.


India has had some fun outings lately, including some more walks with Rich Nallenweg and the Outward Hounds group. She also went on a short excursion over to the super cool Asheville store Regeneration Station with volunteer PJ for their Free Beer Sunday event benefitting Brother Wolf. Regeneration Station offers unique up-cycled furnishings, repurposed artist-designed pieces, antiques, salvage, motorcycles and more! Regeneration Station has been a great friend to animals — they conduct the Free Beer Sundays as well as Bike Nights and other fundraisers for Brother Wolf on a regular basis. We really appreciate their support!

During her visit there, India got to see her friend Alex, meet a soldier in uniform, and also visit with Joanne, a veterinarian who has been following India’s Facebook page all the way from Pennsylvania! PJ reports that India has calmed down during her walks quite a bit and does not pull as much as before. She really enjoys the attention she has been receiving and always likes being out and about with her friends. This sweet, beautiful girl is so ready to find her forever home!

Date: 04-22-2016

A natural leader.


Volunteer Rich Nallenweg took India on an Outward Hounds hike in early April. Outward Hounds is Brother’s Wolf’s volunteer hiking group. Three times a week, Outward Hounds volunteers take dogs from the adoption center for hikes in local parks. “She is a water dog,” says Rich. “She jumped right into the cold water and frolicked. She definitely wants to be the hike leader. It helps her to be in front. Then she does not pull as hard.” Rich says India is easy to harness, because she knows she is going for a hike. “She loved to ride in the car and stick her head out of the windows. She was very friendly towards other people and other dogs,” he says.


Outward Hounds hikes are a great way for dogs like India to get some time out of the shelter to socialize with other dogs and people, get some exercise and fresh air, and learn to be comfortable in a variety of different environments. The hikes are also a great way for volunteers to meet each other and to enjoy interacting with Brother Wolf dogs while burning off some calories in a beautiful natural setting. You can find out more about Outward Hounds by joining their Facebook group.

Volunteers Lorri and PJ also took India out for a walk in mid-April. India soaked up the sunshine and wagged her tail the whole time.She got lots of treats because she’s doing well at learning not to pull, and is learning to be gentle and to walk in rhythm with her friends. India had a bit of a rough time the previous week because she had a seizure right before she was to receive her medicine. This was her first seizure in about eight months. Her medicine generally works well to prevent such occurrences, though.

Date: 03-16-2016

Hopping down the bunny trail.


India had a fun outing recently with volunteers Lorri Nicholson and PJ. “We took her to the Biltmore as PJ had some extra tickets. It was very crowded so we just ended up hanging at one of their shops and taking pictures of her with the tulips and her bunny ears on. All the employees came out of the shop to see her and admire, and give her some ice water (and us). She was so popular we thought we might get her adopted there and then, but sadly no luck.” Lorri observed that India will sit calmly with many people, sights and sounds around her. “She really is an easy dog and will make someone a great companion,” says Lorri.

Date: 03-04-2016

A social butterfly.

Volunteer Marquita Moore and her fiancé visited India at the adoption center again last Saturday. “She was great,” says Marquita. “While she was in the play yard, Eric walked by with a new younger male dog. They came up to the fence and the two dogs were being playful and cute with each other. Eric said that when Adam and he work together next, he was going to try to get them to officially meet and socialize. I think this is great.”


Marquita says that she has observed India becoming more comfortable around other dogs. “She pays no attention to other dogs when they walk by,” says Marquita. “She doesn’t bark, growl, or raise her hairs.” Marquita describes India as “socially sensitive with dogs but a social butterfly with people… she is great with kids but [should be with] ones that can listen when a parent says “No, don’t take that bone from her.”

Volunteer Patrice Johnson (“PJ”) agrees, adding, “She just needs to be in a home where all children can understand her tendency to be protective of toys and high value treats.” PJ says that India is seeming more and more comfortable with her outings and was very well behaved at a recent adoption event where there were lots of kids and other dogs. “She was just at ease and happy to be there,” observed PJ. Hopefully, India’s social and behavioral progress will lead to an adopter choosing to offer her a forever home very soon!