Lupe’s Profile

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Name: Lupe
Est. birthdate: 02/24/2009
Sex: Male
Weight: 6.7 lbs.
Color: Black and White

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Medical: Chronic upper respiratory infections. Needs lysine added to food each day to boost immune system.

When Lupe was brought to Brother Wolf in February of 2016, he had such a severe upper respiratory infection that he could barely breathe. His eyes, nose, and mouth were completely encrusted with mucus. Lupe was literally starving to death because he couldn’t see, smell, or open his mouth. Without the help of his rescuer and Brother Wolf’s fast-acting medical staff, little Lupe surely would have died on the streets.

Once he was in our care, we cleaned him up, force fed him, gave him the medications he needed to heal, and showered him with plenty of love. Unfortunately, because of the severity of his illness, Lupe’s immune system will be compromised for the rest of his life. The good news is that his immune system can be kept strong and respiratory infections can be kept at bay by simply adding lysine to his meals.

It can be hard for a cat with chronic upper respiratory infections to stay healthy in shelter environments (since stress can weaken an immune system and colds tend to pass around shelters in the same way they do in elementary schools), so Lupe lives in one of our loving foster homes.

“When I first got him, he literally would not look me, or anyone, in the eye,” recalls Angela, Lupe’s foster mom. “Every time you turned to face him, he would turn his face. I don’t know why he did this – but as he gained more confidence around me and my animals, he is now able to look me in the eye! I love this little guy. He absolutely deserves a forever home that will keep him safe and loved.”

Your recurring donation of $10 will provide the medication and care necessary to keep Lupe’s immune system strong so he can live out the rest of his days as a healthy and happy cat.


Due to his prolonged and life-threatening illness, Lupe will always have trouble with extra mucus because his immune system has been compromised. Cats are especially prone to upper respiratory conditions and being a bit “drippy” isn’t at all uncommon and doesn’t seem to bother them. Lupe will need lysine powder mixed into his food for the rest of his life in order to help keep respiratory infections at bay. This isn’t really a big deal, because lysine is fairly affordable, and Lupe actually likes it. The only thing that makes him different from the other cats is he will get sick easier. Also, he will always have a drooly mouth, mucus at his nose and watery eyes.

Brother Wolf staff member Angela Henson provides foster care for Lupe. “When I first got him, he literally would not look me, or anyone, in the eye,” observed Angela. “Every time you turned him to face you, he would turn his face. I don’t know why he did this – but as he gained more confidence around me and my animals, he is now able to look me in the eye! I love this little guy. He absolutely deserves a forever home that will keep him safe and loved.

Lupe would do best in a home where he can stay inside at all times. He should not be allowed outside, since he’s prone to infection due to his compromised immune system. This easygoing guy is a great cuddler, is extremely gentle, and gets along well with cats and dogs. He’s a champion litter box user. He is also a voracious eater (he has a lot of catching up to do, after all), and will let you know he is hungry by “gumming” your fingers.

Even if you can’t adopt Lupe, you can keep up with his progress by sponsoring him as a Compassionate Circle member! It’s going to take a while for this boy to get over the physical toll taken on his body by his time outside, and a lot of patience and love to help him rebuild his confidence and to let him know he’s safe now. We’ll be sure to give you regular updates on how he’s doing, so make sure you check back in often.

Timeline Update

Date: 01-13-2017

Toy story

During the recent snowstorm, Angela worked from home and noticed that Lupe was spending almost all his time sitting next to her on the couch. “It dawned on me – Lupe is lazy! No wonder he’s getting fat,” she remarked. Angela reached out to Brother Wolf’s foster network for advice, and Erica K. offered a great suggestion for an interactive cat toy. Called the “cheese cat toy,” it’s a plastic cheese wedge that has little plastic mice popping their heads out of holes on both sides. As you can see in the video, this toy captivated both Lupe and kitty pal Pandora. “I turned it on when my cats were done eating breakfast, and Lupe immediately stopped licking the plate for crumbs and proceeded to investigate. Very cool!” says Angela. “I’m excited to get this boy healthy, which means getting him back to a healthy weight!” Kudos to Angela for finding a new diversion for Lupe to help him trim the fat while having fun. The toy even turns on automatically throughout the day, so Lupe and friends can enjoy it when left alone.

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Date: 01-05-2017

New year, new friends


Lupe’s sweet personality seems to be working miracles. Angela caught her cat Maddison grooming Lupe, which was a bit of a (welcome) surprise. Now Lupe is now paying it forward by welcoming a new foster cat into the household. “I brought another cat home not too long ago named Pandora,” says Angela. “She’s had a rough go of it health wise and Lupe has helped bring her into the fold with Maddison. So not only is Maddison loving Lupe, she’s accepting and learning to love the new foster! Lupe is just a little miracle worker. Having the new foster be so welcomed is a balm to my soul.”

Lupe also started the new year with a new “do!” “He has a hard time grooming his long fur. It’s pretty greasy – I don’t want to bathe him myself because he doesn’t care for the hair dryer. And I don’t want to leave him wet until he dries naturally,” says Angela. So, one of our awesome groomers at Brother Wolf, Jaclyn, did the honors. “He was not a happy camper at the end of it,” remarks Angela. “He yowled a lot while he was getting sprayed down, but was fine when the water wasn’t running.” All’s well that ends well, and now Lupe is sporting a sleek, soft, clean coat to go with his charming personality.

We’re thrilled to know that handsome Lupe is finding some affectionate feline companionship in his foster home. Don’t forget to check this page again soon for the latest updates in the life of Lupe!

Date: 12-12-2016

Hungry for love


Lupe’s foster mom Angela got sick in early December and had to find other places for her fosters to go while she recovered from a vicious stomach bug, so Lupe is currently back at the Brother Wolf Adoption Center for a short while. Angela says that Lupe has been doing well in her home, sleeping on her bed at night along with the other animals and taking over her pillows during the day. “He’s a very social animal,” says Angela. “Everyone loves him – he’s a snuggle bum!”

Lupe has always been a voracious eater, and Angela says that she’d been letting him “eat to his heart’s content when he was a bag of bones,” but now she has to limit his food intake as he’s starting to get a bit chubby. With only two teeth in the back of his mouth, Angela had thought that Lupe would always have to be on pate style canned food, but he surprised everyone by showing how much he loves his dry and shredded cat food, which Angela feeds to him along with the pate. “He would sneak into my other foster’s room and get their food,” remarks Angela. “I used to be afraid of him choking, but he’s a champ and goes right for it every chance he gets,” she observes.

Sounds like Lupe has a real appetite for the domestic life! Between the good eats, the snuggles and lots of social opportunities with people and animals, Lupe is adjusting well and is learning how to be part of a household – great skills that will serve him when he finds that special person who will give him his own permanent home! You can help Lupe by becoming a part of our Sponsorship Program and supporting his care with a monthly donation.

Check back here again soon for the latest on Lupe!

Date: 11-29-2016

Miracles in progress

Lupe has been getting more and more comfortable in his foster home. In fact, as you can see in the video, he’s so comfortable that he is now playing with foster mom Angela’s very active pup Rini! “They wrestle and play so well together,” remarks Angela. “Lupe does get sick of her sometimes, and lets her know it by gumming her and sprinting away! But for the most part they are the best of friends,” she says. “I can’t quite get a picture of them because as soon as I move, Rini thinks it’s playtime and starts trying to rough house with me! One day I’ll catch them snuggling and spooning. Lupe and my diva cat Maddison are getting friendlier too. At first Maddison hated Lupe, then she slowly started to tolerate him. Now they hang out on my bed right next to each other, chill as can be. Such a drastic change for my Maddison. Lupe is a miracle worker!” Lupe seems to have a natural talent for making friends of all species. Yay, Lupe!

Lupe is still struggling at times to keep upper respiratory infections at bay. But for the most part, the lysine he receives keeps him dry enough that it is happening less and less. Angela tells us that he’s even grown back all of his hair! When he first came in, we had to give him a lion cut to relieve him from all the matting. His fur is now sleek and gorgeous. He’s such a handsome boy!

Date: 10-25-2016

Top Cat


Brother Wolf staff member Angela Henson, who fosters Lupe, says that he’s doing fantastic in her home, and loves other cats and dogs. “He’s befriended my Queen Bee, Maddison the cat, who hates other cats,” she remarks. “They eat together every day and even share each other’s bowls. It’s a match made in heaven. I wish I could keep him!” Angela says that Lupe is gaining confidence every day. She has noticed that he used to stay low on the cat trees, but now he’s venturing up onto the top perches.

A cat tree can be a very helpful addition to a multi-cat home. An elevated perch can help make a timid cat feel more secure, and allows the cat to visually survey the environment. The ability for a cat to claim vertical territory can help ease tensions and prevent confrontations with other kitties in the household. Perches at different levels allow cats to be in close proximity, yet each has his or her own space. A cat tree can provide cats with a refuge from excitable dogs or children. And of course, kitties also utilize cat trees as scratching posts. You can even make a simple, no-cost homemade cat tree using sturdy cardboard boxes with holes cut in them, stacked and secured with packing tape. Placement next to a window provides added visual stimulation.

We’re happy to know that Lupe is adjusting well to his foster home. In spite of his physical issues, Lupe is a sweet boy, and we know he make a wonderful companion for his future adopter. Your participation in the Sponsorship Program helps make it possible for Brother Wolf to provide for the needs of animals with special challenges, such as Lupe.

Check back here frequently for more news on Lupe!